Research Seminars 2012-2013

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Date Speaker Title
Mon, Sept 17, 2012
Carolyn Baglole pubmed
Asst Prof, Dept Med McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Beyond dioxin: the aryl hydrocarbon receptor attenuates
cigarette smoke-
induced lung disease
Mon, Sept 24, 2012
Jeffrey V. Ravetch pubmed
Theresa & Eugene Lang Professor
Leonard Wagner Laboratory of Molecular
Genetics & Immunology
Rockefeller University
Solving the antibody paradox: the diverse roles of
Fc receptors in immunity
Mon, Oct 1, 2012
John Di Battista pubmed
Professor, Dept Medicine
McGill University
Signalling Networks Activated by G-Protein Coupled
Receptors: Are Proteomic 
Analyses Useful?
No Seminar
Mon, Oct 8, 2012
40th Anniversary
Mon, Oct 15, 2012
40th Anniversary of the
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
and Christie Lecture
All MCL alumni welcome
Contact Maria Makroyanni for further information
Mon, Oct 22, 2012
Siegfried Hekimi pubmed
Professor, Dept Biology
McGill University
Mitochondria, ROS, the immune response and aging:
another way to think about 
their relationships
Mon, Oct 29, 2012
Irah King pubmed
Asst Prof, Dept Micro/Immun
McGill University
Tracking Th2 and T follicular helper cell differentiation
during intestinal infection
Mon, Nov 5, 2012
Chris Kontos pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine
Duke University
Novel roles for endothelial receptor tyrosine kinases in
skeletal muscle
Mon, Nov 12, 2012
Dilson Rassier  PubMed
Assoc Prof, Dept Kinesiology
McGill University
Mechanics of striated muscle contraction: from
molecules to cells
Mon, Nov 19, 2012
Yohan Bossé pubmed
Institute of Cardiology & Pulmonology
Laval University
Genomics of asthma and smoking-related lung
Mon, Nov 26, 2012
Jessica Nadigel
PhD student
Meakins-Christie Labs
The effect of cigarette smoke exposure on the expression
and regulation of Toll-
like receptors in COPD
Mon, Dec 3, 2012
Heidi McBride pubmed
Assoc Prof, MNI, McGill
Can Res Ch in Mitochondrial Cell Biol
New insights into the meaning of mitochondrial
Mon, Dec 10, 2012
Louis-Philippe Boulet pubmed
Professor, Institute of Cardiology & Pulmonology

Laval University
Mechanisms of airway dysfunction and remodelling in
Mon, Dec 17, 2012
Ynuk Bosse pubmed
Asst Prof, Laval University
Inst for Cardiol & Respirology
Length-dependency of airway smooth muscle force
and its potential dysregulation in 
asthmatic airway
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Mon, Jan 14, 2013
Terry Hébert  pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Pharmacol Ther
McGill University
GPCRs and G proteins in the nucleus- signalling turned
inside out
Mon, Jan 21, 2013
Paul Clarke pubmed
Professor, Dept Pharmacology
McGill University
The uncertain role of nicotine in tobacco addiction
Mon, Jan 28, 2013
Nicole Beauchemin pubmed
Goodman Cancer Centre

Prof, Dept Biochemistry
McGill University
CEACAM1 controls liver metastasis of colorectal cancer
at multiple levels
Mon, Feb 4, 2013
Christina Haston pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Genetic susceptibility to radiotherapy side effects:
murine investigations
Mon, Feb 11, 2013
Karim Shalaby pubmed
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
Final PhD seminar
The role of the Toll-like Receptor 48-TRIF axis in allergic
airway disease
Mon, Feb 18, 2013
Joyce Rauch pubmed
Assoc Professor, Dept Medicine
Division of Rheumatology
McGill University
The role of innate immunity in the initiation and
pathogenesis of anti-
phospholipid syndrome
Mon, Feb 25, 2013
Sabah Hussain spira
Professor, Dept Medicine
McGill University
Regulation of autophagy in skeletal muscles
Mon, Mar 4, 2013
Yong-Xiao Wang pubmed
Professor, Cntr Cardiovasc Sci

Albany Medical College
Ryanodine receptors/calcium release channels in
airway smooth muscle cells
Mon, Mar 11, 2013
Feige Kaplan pubmed
Prof, Dept of Human Genetics

Dept of Pediatrics & Biology
McGill University
The impact of In utero gene-environment interactions
in developing lung on asthma susceptibility
Mon, Mar 18, 2013
Jacques Huot pubmed
Professor, Dept Medicine
Director, Oncology Axis, CRCHUQ
Laval University
Road p38: a pathway to angiogenesis
Mon, Mar 25, 2013
Nabil Seidah pubmed
Dir, Biochem Neuroend Res Unit
Clin Res Inst Montreal
Prof, Dept Medicine, U de M
The obscure proprotein convertase PC7:
unexpected physiological roles
No Seminar
Mon, Apr 1, 2013
Easter Monday  
Mon, Apr 8, 2013
Chris Rocheleau pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine
McGill University
Arf GTPases antagonize EGFR signaling during cell
fate patterning in C. elegans
Mon, Apr 15, 2013
Elizabeth Fixman pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Med McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Reciprocal interactions between IL-13 and IL-17 in
the lung
Mon, Apr 22, 2013
Noam A Cohen pubmed
Asst Prof, Dept Otorhinolaryngology

University of Pennsylvania
The Role of Cilia in Microbial Detection and Clearance,
from Genetics to Biofilms
Mon, Apr 29, 2013
Salman Qureshi  pubmed
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine
Cntr for Study of Host Resistance

McGill University
IL-33 dependent signaling and innate immunity to
neoformans pneumonia
Special Seminar
Wed, May 8, 2013
Toby McGovern pubmed
Meakins-Christie Labs
Supervisor: Dr. James Martin
Oxidative Stress and Chlorine Induced Airway
Mon, May 13, 2013
Jiangping Wu pubmed
Prof, Dept Medicine

University of Montreal
Hôpital Notre-Dame
Novel blood pressure regulation mechanisms exerted by
receptor tyrosine kinases 
Ephs and their ligands ephrins
No Seminar
Mon, May 20, 2013
ATS Meeting  
Mon, May 27, 2013
No Seminar  
Mon, June 3, 2013
Marcel Behr pubmed
Professor, Dept Medicine

McGill University
The Rise and Fall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
in two Acts
Mon, June 10, 2013
No Seminar  
Mon, June 17, 2013
MUHC-RI Respiratory Axis Research Day