Special COVID-19 lab safety procedures for the Meakins-Christie labortories

COVID-19 Special RESP Lab Measures

Given the recent closure of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories, please review the restrictions effective immediately, for accessing the RESP laboratories.

Mainly, during the closure period:

  1. An authorization from Dr. Basil Petrof must be obtained for each worker who requires access to the RESP laboratories.
  2. All authorized workers must comply with Safety Rules and Prevention Measures described in the below documents.

Authorized workers were invited to a Zoom meeting on April 7th. Please see Séverine for details. A copy of the presentation is available above.

If you have concerns or questions regarding these restrictions, please contact Séverine at severine.audusseau@mcgill.ca

We would like to take the occasion to remind you that Biosafety Training is mandatory for all laboratory workers. As the training is available online, we encourage those working from home to take advantage of this period, for updating their safety training.

PHAC Biosafety Principal Training at https://training-formation.phac-aspc.gc.ca/course/index.php?categoryid=7&browse=courses&perpage=20&page=0