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NEWMAN STEPHENS MEMORIAL MINI SYMPOSIUM: A LEGACY OF SCIENCE AND SUCCESS. Gijs Ijpma. Intrapulmonary Airway Smooth Muscle Has a Distinct Pro-Contractile Proteomic Signature in Asthma

ATS Mini-Symposium – Intrapulmonary Airway Smooth Muscle

Dr. Gijs Ijpma, Research Associate with Dr. Anne-Marie Lauzon, will present on intrapulmonary airway smooth muscle at an upcoming ATS mini-symposium. Date: October 14, 2020 at 6 pm ET. Registration details and program are shown below.

The ATS Respiratory Structure and Function Assembly will host a virtual mini-symposium in honor of Dr. Newman Stephens. In late 2019, the respiratory field lost a giant – Dr. Newman Stephens (Steve), who passed away in October in Winnipeg, Canada. Dr. Stephens was known by some as the “father of smooth muscle mechanics”, as well as for his generosity of spirit, science and mentorship.

His contributions to respiratory science have been immense, from our understanding of airway smooth muscle physiology to the underlying molecular mechanisms related to the contractile apparatus in asthma.


Moderated By: Gary Sieck, PhD

  • Featured Speaker: Looking Back on a Legend – Andrew Halayko, BS(Hons), MSc, PhD, ATSF
  • Intrapulmonary Airway Smooth Muscle Has a Distinct Pro-Contractile Proteomic Signature in Asthma – Gijs Ijpma, PhD
  • CEBPD Influences the Airway Smooth Muscle Transcriptomic Response to TNFα and Budesonide Exposure – Mengyuan Kan, PhD
  • Oxidized Phosphatidylcholine Induces Release of Intracellular Ca2+in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells – Jigneshkumar Vaghasiya, MPharm
  • Elucidating the Bitter Taste Signaling Paradoxin Airway Smooth Muscle Relaxation – Stanley Conaway, M.Sc.
  • Agonist Sensing by Committee: How Matrix Mediated Mechanical Signaling Enables Smooth Muscle Cells to Sense Contractile Agonist – Suzanne E. Stasiak, BA
  • Featured Speaker: Looking Forward to a Legacy – Chun Seow, PhD, ATSF

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Time: 6:00PM Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes
Where: Via Zoom –

Registration Required here.