Christie Lectures

meakins logo: Christie Lecture seriesThe Christie Lecture is given by people who are either alumni or closely associated with the Meakins-Christie Laboratories and who have made outstanding contributions to the area of respiratory medicine. In the early 1930s, Ronald Christie was recruited by Dr. Jonathan Meakins for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Royal Victoria Hospital where they published a series of papers on the mechanics of breathing in emphysema and mitral stenosis and with blood gas abnormalities in pulmonary edema. Ronald Christie became physician-in-chief of the Royal Victoria Hospital and chairman of the McGill Department of Medicine by 1955, and dean of the McGill Faculty of Medicine by 1962. 

David Gozal (2019)
University of Missouri School of Medicine
Title: Exosomes in Sleep Apnea: Personalized Biomarkers or Effectors of Morbidity
Monday, June 3, 2019
In conjunction with RESP Research Day. 

Peter Calverley (2016)photo of Peter Calverley
University of Liverpool
Back to the future of COPD: How the Meakins-Christie got it right.

photo of stephanie shoreStephanie Shore (2012)
Harvard School of Public Health
Obesity and asthma: lessons from animal models

photo of Michiaki MishimaMichiaki Mishima (2010)
Kyoto University
Digital analysis of X-ray CT imaging of airway and lung parenchyma in obstructive ventilatory disorders

photo of Jerome DempseyJerome Dempsey (2007)
University of Wisconsin
Sleep apnea: causes, consequences and myths

photo of Peter ParéPeter Paré (2005)
University of British Columbia
The identification of susceptibility genes for complex pulmonary and cardiovascular disease

photo of Maurice McGregorMaurice McGregor (2001)
McGill University
Let not the measurable drive out the relevant: difficult decisions in health care

photo of Yoshinosuke Fukuchi Yoshinosuke Fukuchi (1999)
Juntendo University
Aging lung in health and disease

photo of Ann WoolcockAnn J Woolcock (1997)
University of Sydney
Understanding airway behaviour

photo of Peter MacklemPeter Macklem (1995)
McGill University
The way we breathe in health and disease

photo of William ThurlbeckWilliam M Thurlbeck (1993)
University of British Columbia
Emphysema then and now

photo of Margaret BecklakeMargaret R Becklake (1991)
McGill University
Spirometric test failure: disease or disinclination


Manuel Cosio (2018)Manuel Cosio Picture
University of Padova
A life of research untangling the mechanisms of COPD. Did we get anywhere?

Tony Eissa (2014)photo of tony eissa
Baylor College of Medicine
Autophagy in lung inflammation and immunity: implications in asthma and COPD

photo of jason batesJason Bates (2011)
University of Vermont
A physicist’s life in the lungs: the good, the bad, and the viscoelastic

photo of Marina SaetteMarina Saette (2008)
University of Padova
From morphometry to immunology: a long trip toward the understanding of COPD

photo of Marc DecramerMarc Decramer (2006)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Systemic consequences of COPD

photo of Charles IrvinCharles G Irvin (2004)
University of Vermont
The Meakins-Christie Laboratories, past present and future: a personal perspective

photo of Charis RoussosCharis Roussos (2000)
University of Athens
On principles and methods that we were taught at McGill

photo of Joseph Milic-EmiliJoseph Milic-Emili (1998)
McGill University
My life as a scientist

photo of A Charles BryanA Charles Bryan (1996)
University of Toronto
Strategies in mechanical ventilation

photo of James HoggJames Hogg (1994)
University of British Columbia
The role of latent viral infection in the Pathogenesis of COPD

photo of Ludwig EngelLudwig Engel (1992)
Westmead Hospital, Sydney
Honorary Lecturer

photo of David BatesDavid Bates (1990)
University of British Columbia
Small airways through the respectroscope