Faculty Members

Ilan Azuelos

photo of Ilan Azuelos, research on pulmonary fibrosis

Molecular basis for the development and progression of pulmonary fibrosis by examining the metabolism of fibrotic lesions in the lung

Carolyn Baglole

photo of Carolyn Baglole: research on chronic lung diseases including COPD and emphysema

Cellular and molecular signalling pathways which regulate chronic lung disease caused by cigarette smoke

Maziar Divangahi

(Associate Director)
Host defense against pulmonary pathogens; regulation of death program in macrophages

David H Eidelman

Inflammatory mechanisms of chronic obstructive lung disease and related disorders

Elizabeth D Fixman

Development of molecular techniques to investigate airway inflammation & remodeling in experimental asthma

Peter Goldberg

Clinical application of non-invasive ventilation in critical care medicine

Qutayba Hamid

Roles & signaling of cytokines & chemokines in asthma & other respiratory diseases

Sabah NA Hussain

Regulation of vascular smooth muscle contractility & blood flow by nitric oxide syntheses

R John Kimoff

Pathophysiology and epidemiology of sleep disorders

Irah King

Immunity at barrier sites such as the lung, gut, and skin

Arnold S Kristof

Epithelial cell information systems in the regulation of lung innate immunity

Anne-Marie Lauzon

Molecular mechanics of smooth muscle myosin & bronchial hyper responsiveness

Mara Ludwig

Role of proteoglycans in determining lung tissue behavior

Larry Lands

Modulation of innate immunity, nutrition, and exercise limitation in pediatric lung diseases, such as asthma and cystic fibrosis

James G Martin

Role of T-cells in allergic airway responses and biochemical basis of airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma

Bruce Mazer

B cells, immunoglobulins, innate immunity and the cytokine network

Christine McCusker

Early development of allergic diseases

Dao Nguyen

Molecular microbiology of biofilms and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

Basil J Petrof

Study of injury/regeneration, adaptation, & development of gene therapeutics for respiratory muscles

William S Powell

(Associate Director)
Biosynthesis & biological roles of eicosanoids in asthma & inflammation

Salman T Qureshi

Innate immunity, forward genetics, pneumonia due to fungi, bacteria, viruses

Simon Rousseau

Protein kinases and intracellular signaling pathways

Benjamin M Smith

Pathophysiological mechanisms of obstructive lung diseases, epidemiology, imaging, airway anatomy, cardiopulmonary physiology

Dara Torgerson

Genetic studies of asthma and bronchopulmonary dysplasia