Funding Opportunities

The following Pulmonary Research Funding Opportunities may be of interest to members and trainees at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories and the RESP Program. Please note this is not a complete list of all available funding opportunities. If you would like us to monitor specific deadlines, please let usknow. Only agency deadlines are listed. Internal McGill deadlines for the various Departments vary greatly and are thus not listed below.

Research Grants
Salary Awards (Faculty)
Salary Awards (Trainees)
Travel Awards

Updated: July 19, 2019

Research Grants

Funding AgencyTitleTypeLOI DeadlineApp Deadline
MESI Health Collaboration Accelerator Fund GrantTBC
DoDTuberous Sclerosis Complex Research ProgramGrantJuly 9, 2019July 25, 2019
MEDTEQRSRI – projets collaboratifs impliquant au moins un
partenaire académique et au moins un partenaire industriel
GrantJuly 26, 2019
CIHR-ICRH/AZ Canada/CLA Emerging Clinician Scientist AwardsAwardJune 26, 2019July 31, 2019
CIHRSummer Institute on Equitable AI for Public HealthPDF & ECIAug 1, 2019
CIHRIMHA and MDC Network Catalyst GrantsJuly 9, 2019Aug 6, 2019
GileadResearch Scholars Program in Cystic FibrosisGrantAug 9, 2019
McGillSteinberg Fund for Interdisciplinary Global Health ResearchSeed GrantAug 15, 2019
CIHR-ICRH/CAAIF/AZ Canada/AllerGen Emerging Researcher Awards in Allergic AsthmaAwardAug 16, 2019
DoDLung Cancer GrantsGrantMay 15, 2019Aug 21, 2019
CF FoundationOvercoming obstacles for nucleic acid delivery for CFGrantAug 21, 2019
TD Better HealthTB Better Health Funding OpportunityGrantAug 23, 2019
Heart and Stroke Foundation Grants in Aid GrantAug 29, 2019
GairdnerQC Symposium GrantGrantSept 6, 2019
CIHRPathways Implementation Research Teams – Component 3GrantSept 5, 2019
CIHRAnalysis of CLSA DataCatalystAug 16, 2019Sept 6, 2019
CCS/CIHRCCS/CIHR Cancer Survivorship Team GrantsGrantMay 29, 2019Sept 10, 2019
CIHRCatalyst Grant : Patient-Oriented ResearchGrantJune 25, 2019Sept 10, 2019
CIHRProject GrantGrantAug 14, 2019Sept 11, 2019
CIHR/UKCanada-UK Artificial Intelligence InitiativeGrantAug 19, 2019Sept 12, 2019
CAAIFCAAIF/Immunodeficiency canada
research grant for new investigators
GrantSept 13, 2019
CIHR/TFRITerry Fox New Investigator AwardGrantJune 28, 2019Sept 13, 2019
ATSATS Foundation Unrestricted Grants ProgramGrantJune 17, 2019Sept 20, 2019
CIHRMicrobiome Initiative 2 – Research TeamsTeam GrantNov 20, 2018Sept 24, 2019
CIHRCatalyst Grant: Understanding disease prevention and risk factor modificationCatalystAug 28, 2019Sept 24, 2019
CIHREarly Career Investigator Awards in Resp HealthGrantSept 25, 2019
CIHRSepsis Research NetworkNetworkJan 17, 2019Sept 26, 2019
CQDMSynergiQc-InternationalGrantOct 7, 2019
CIHRCannabis Research in Priority AreasTeam GrantMay 15, 2019Oct 8, 2019
CIHR Data Analysis Using Existing Databases and CohortsGrantOct 10, 2019
CIHR-NSERCCollaborative Health Research ProjectsGrantJune 25, 2019Oct 29, 2019
NSERCDiscovery GrantGrantAug 1, 2019Nov 1, 2019
Burroughs WellcomeInvestigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious DiseaseGrantJuly 15, 2019Nov 15, 2019
New Frontiers in Research Fund2019 Exploration CompetitionGrantNOI: Aug 7, 2019
LOI: Sept 4, 2019
Dec 10, 2019
CIHRProject GrantGrantFeb 5, 2020March 4, 2020
McGillEdith Strauss Knowledge Translation GrantGrantJune 1/Dec 1 yearly
NIHRO1 Research GrantsGrantFeb5/June5/Oct5
NIHProgram Overviews & DeadlinesGrantVarious
PHACMulti-sectoral Partnerships to Promote
Healthy Living & Prevent Chronic Disease
GrantOpen LOI
Scale AIScale AI Funding CallGrantOpen Call
CQDMQuantum Leap: Innovative technologies
to facilitate drug discovery
GrantOpen Call
(reviewed quarterly)
CQDMSynergiQc: Innovative technologies
with high commercial value
GrantOpen Call
(reviewed quarterly)
GSKDiscovery Partnerships with AcademiaGrantOpen Call
RRDM NetworkRare Disease ConnectionsGrantOpen Call
Rare Disease FdnRare Disease MicrograntGrantJan/April/July/Oct
NSERCAlliance GrantGrant Open Call
NSERCIdea to InnovationGrantJan/April/June/Sept
GenentechScientific Project SupportGrantOpen Call

Salary Awards (Faculty)

Funding AgencyTitleTypeLOI DeadlineApp Deadline
CIHRClinician-Scientist Salary Award : CIHR Clinician Scientist
Phase 2
AwardOct 1, 2019
FRQSResearch Scholars – Junior 1, Junior 2, Senior
Clinical Research Scholars – Junior 1, Junior 2 and Senior
Distinguished Research Scholars
contact Faculty of Medicine for info:
(Nancy: prior to submitting an NOI
McGill NOI:
Aug 20, 2019
Oct 1, 2019

Salary Awards (Trainees)

Funding AgencyTitleTypeApp Deadline
Horizon 2020Marie-Curie Actions – Individual FellowshipsPDFSept 11, 2019
CIHRBanting Canada PDF Fellowship
*** McGill Faculty of Med Internal Deadline: May 14
PDFSept 18, 2019
CIHRCIHR FellowshipPDFOct 1, 2019
FRQS Doctoral Training
Doctoral Training for Applicants with a Professional Degree
Doctoral Training for Medical Students (M.D.-Ph.D.)
PhDOct 15, 2019
FRQS Master’s Training
Master’s Training for Applicants with a Professional Degree
Master’s Training for Medical Students (MD-M.Sc.)
MScOct 15, 2019
FRQS Professional Postgraduate Training in Research (Fellowship)
Postdoctoral Training (Canadian citizens and permanent residents)
Postdoctoral Training (Citizens of other countries)
PDFOct 15, 2019
CIHRDoctoral Foreign Study Award (DFSA) : 2019-2020PhDOct 17, 2019
FRQS Merit scholarship program for foreign students (PBEEE)Nov 1, 2019
CIHR Doctoral Research Award:
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (2019-2020)
PhDNov 6, 2019
CIHR Doctoral Research Award: Frederick Banting and Charles Best
Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Award: 2019-2020
PhD Nov 21, 2019
CIHRCanada Grad Scholarship – Michael Smith SuppGradJune & Oct
RSR-FRQSShort research internship in another universityGradOpen call
European Research SocietyShort-Term Research FellowshipPDFApr 1/Oct 1 yearly
Boehringer Ingelheim FondsPhD fellowship in EuropePhDFeb 1/June 1/Oct 1
Manage a long-term collaborative research project with a company or not-for-profit
PDFLOI: June 19, 2019
App: July 17, 2019
MitacsAccelerate FellowshipMSc & PhDOpen call
MitacsAccelerate Industrial PostdocPDFOpen Call
(Jan deadline)
MitacsGlobalink Partnership Award (Industry)GradOpen call
MitacsGlobalink Research AwardGrad & PDFJan/May/Sept
CF FoundationStudent Traineeship GrantVariousOpen call
Dec 31 yearly
Fulbright CanadaAwards for American ScholarsVariousVarious
Eur Resp SocietyERS FellowshipsVariousVarious
McGill CaPSVarious Scholarships and AwardsVariousVarious
McGillFaculty of Med Internal StudentshipMSc & PhDApr/May – yearly
April 15, 2019
McGillFaculty of Med PDF FellowshipsPDFApr/May – yearly
April 15, 2019
McGillTomlinson Doctoral FellowshipPhDJune – yearly
McGillPBEEE/QC Merit Scholarships for Foreign StudentsGradJune – yearly

Travel Awards (Trainees)

Funding AgencyTitleTypeDeadline
Burroughs Wellcome FundCollaborative Research Travel GrantsPDFJan/Feb yearly
McGill Exp MedDr. Price Memorial Travel AwardMSc & PhDFeb 28 / June 30 / Oct 31
AllerGenTravel AwardsVarious4 weeks prior to travel
AllerGenInternational Trainee Research VisitGrad/PDF/FellowApr 30/ June 15/ July 30
AllerGenResearch Skills AwardVarious4 weeks prior to travel
AllerGenFunding and Training AwardsVariousVarious
MitacsGlobalink Res Award Travel from CAVariousVarious
MitacsGlobalink Res Award Travel to CAVariousVarious
The Company of BiologistsTravelling FellowshipsMSc/PhD/PDFFeb 28/May 31/Aug 31/Nov 30
Canadian Cancer SocietyTravel AwardsPhD/PDFJan 15/ May 15/Sept 15
McGillFaculty of Med Graduate Mobility AwardGraduateopen call
MeakinsTravel AwardsGrad & PDF3 weeks prior to travel

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