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grants and funding opportunities meakins-christie laboratories

The following Pulmonary Research Funding Opportunities may be of interest to members and trainees at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories and the RESP Program. Please note this is not a complete list of all available funding opportunities. Through the McGill Library, faculty members have access to the Pivot funding opportunities database. If you would like us to monitor specific deadlines, please let us know. Only agency deadlines are listed. Internal McGill deadlines for the various Departments vary and are thus not listed below.

Updated: Sept 15, 2020


Trainees & Fellows

COVID-19 Grants and Opportunities

Funding AgencyCOVID-19 GRANTSapplication deadline
COVID Task ForceCOVID-19 Immunity Task Force
request for EOI COVID-19 Hot Spots
Sept 21, 2020
Johnson & JohnsonNurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge in COVID-19 Patient CareSept 29, 2020
Catalyst @HealthThe COVID-19 Symptom Data ChallengeSept 29, 2020
CFFCystic Fibrosis Foundation
SARS-CoV-2 and Cystic Fibrosis Research Award with LOI
LOI: July 17, 2020
App: Oct 1, 2020
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery
Gordon Bell Special Prize for High Performance Computing-Based COVID-19 Research
Oct 8, 2020
NIHNotice of Special Interest (NOSI): Repurposing Existing Therapeutics
to Address the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
June 5 until Oct 17, 2020
JEDICOVID-19 JEDI Grand Challenge:
Billion Molecules Against COVID
Stage 1: July 17, 2020
Stage 2: TBC
Stage 3: TBC
MI4Emergency coronavirus research fundClosed
MEDTEQCOVID-19 Call for technological solutions and ideasActive
MITACSMitacs Accelerate COVID-19Open Call
Expanding internships, increased funding with SME partnerships,
industrial postdoc fellowships, virtual internships
Contact Noha Gerges for submission info
Open Call
Max Bell FoundationPolicies for Recovery from the PandemicOpen Call
NIH POCTRNFast-Track Program for COVID-19 Test Development and DistributionOpen Call
Fast GrantsFast Funding for COVID-19 ScienceClosed
GoogleCOVID19 Research GrantsOpen Call
Innovations for Poverty ActionPeace & Recovery Program – COVID-19 Off-Cycle FundingOpen Call
DASADefence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Open Call for Innovation (UK)
Covid-19 fast track
Open Call
Open Road AllianceDirect COVID-19 Response – Charitable GrantsOpen call
NIHNotice of Special Interest (NOSI):
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Wellcome TrustThe COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator
It will have an end-to-end focus – from drug pipeline development
through to manufacturing and scale-up
Government of CanadaStrategic Innovation Fund-Stream 5Open call
NGen Supercluster FundingCOVID-19 ProjectsOpen Call

Research Grants

Funding agencytitletypeloi
PF FdnPulmonary Fibrosis Foundation CPFF Research GrantsGrantApr 3, 2020
NEW: Oct 9, 2020
CAAIF/AralezResearch Grant in Allergic Rhinitis – Letters of IntentApr 6, 2020
NEW: Sept 24, 2020
CCSRICanadian Cancer Society Research Institute | Emerging Scholar AwardNew PI GrantFeb 5, 2020Jun 30, 2020
NEW: Oct 15, 2020
HFSP Human Frontier Science Program – Research Grants GrantMar 30, 2020Sept 2020 (TBC)
CIHRFall 2020 Observer ProgramObserverSept 21, 2020
DoDHarnessing Enzymatic Activity for Lifesaving Remedies (HEALR)GrantSept 29, 2020
PCORIImproving Methods for Conducting Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)GrantSept 29, 2020
Nature Research AwardsGlobal Grants for Gut HealthGrantSept 30, 2020
RSRRéseau de recherche en Santé Repiratoire du Québec
Projets prioritaires
– Priority Projects
GrantOct 9, 2020
RSRRéseau de recherche en Santé Repiratoire du Québec
Projets équipes
– Team Projects
GrantOct 9, 2020
Francis Family
Parker B. Francis Fellowship in Pulmonary Research
Early Career Award for New PI in pulmonary & critical care medicine
New PI GrantOct 12, 2020
Weston Brain InstituteTransformational Research: Canada 2020
(Parkinson’s & Related Diseases)
GrantJune 4, 2020Oct 13, 2020
CIHRProject Grant Fall 2020
Supported Priority Announcements (for bridge funding)
GrantSept 16, 2020New: Oct 15, 2020
CCSCanadian Cancer Society Spark Grants:
New technology Applications in Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
GrantAug 28, 2020Oct 16, 2020
RSRRéseau de recherche en Santé Repiratoire du Québec
Programme de démarrage de carrière de jeunes chercheurs avec mentorat

Career Start-up and mentorship program for young investigators
GrantOct 16, 2020
NFRF2020 Exploration Competition
New Frontiers in Research Fund
GrantAug 18, 2020Oct 20, 2020
Orphan Disease CentreMillion Dollar Bike Ride Pilot Grant ProgramGrantSept 18, 2020Oct 26, 2020
NSERCDiscovery AwardsGrantAug 4, 2020
Nov 2, 2020
Burroughs Wellcome FundInvestigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease (PATH)GrantJuly 31, 2020Nov 13, 2020
MEIMinistère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI)
Fonds d’accélération des collaborations en santé (FACS)
« Health Collaboration Acceleration Fund »
GrantAug 19, 2020Nov 18, 2020
CIHRTeam Grant : Diabetes Mechanisms and Translational SolutionsTeam GrantTBCTBC
NFRFNew Frontiers in Research Fund
Transformation 2020 Competition
Large ProjectNOI: Feb 18, 2020
LOI: July 15, 2020
Nov 18, 2020
FCRFFrance Canada Research Fund
Scientific Collaboration Support Program
GrantTBC: Nov 20, 2020
Nov 13, 2020
Investissement QuébecSoutien aux projets d’innovation | Programme Innovation-Volet 1GrantNov 24, 2020
MEI -QuébecProjets d’innovation en technologies quantiques
Volet 3: projets ollboratifs entre PME et centre de recherche
ContractNov 30, 2020
ATSATS Foundation Unrestricted GrantsGrantSept 8, 2020Dec 1, 2020
FRQSDIALOGUE – Volet Subventions
le développement de projets en communication scientifique auprès du grand public
GrantSept 9, 2020Dec 2, 2020
DoDFY20 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Program (DMDRP)
Idea Development Award
Translational Research Partnership Award
GrantAug 12, 2020Dec 7, 2020
CFFCystic Fibrosis Foundation Pilot and Feasibility AwardsGrantDec 7, 2020
FRQSIntersectoral AUDACE
support bold research that offers a departure from traditional approaches
GrantSept 16, 2020Dec 9, 2020
FRQSAUDACE Quebec-Luxembourg ProgramGrantSept 16, 2020Dec 9, 2020
CFFCF Foundation Spring 2021
Clinical Pilot and Feasibility Awards
GrantSept 4, 2020Jan 25, 2021
CIHRProject Grant Spring 2021GrantMar 4, 2021Apr 1, 2021
CFFCF Foundation Fall 2021
Clinical Pilot and Feasibility Awards
GrantMar 19, 2021Aug 18, 2021
CIHRCatalyst Grant : Cannabis and Mental HealthCatalystTBC

Research Grants – Open Calls & Cyclical Deadlines

funding agencytitletypeloi
McGillEdith Strauss Knowledge Translation GrantGrantJune 1/Dec 1 yearly
FRQNTPartnership Research Project
– must submit an LOI
– full application by invitation only
Partner Grant~2 months after launch
(Sept 2020 launch)
Wellcome TrustInnovator Awards
therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, digital technologies, etc…
Immune Tolerance
Clinical Trials: The Immune Tolerance Network
Allergy & Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases, Kidney & Liver Transplantation
NetworkOpen Call
NIHRO1 Research GrantsGrantFeb5/June5/Oct5
NIHProgram Overviews & DeadlinesGrantVarious
PHACMulti-sectoral Partnerships to Promote
Healthy Living & Prevent Chronic Disease
GrantOpen LOI
Scale AIScale AI Funding CallGrantOpen Call
CQDMQuantum Leap: Innovative technologies
to facilitate drug discovery
GrantOpen Call
(reviewed quarterly)
CQDMSynergiQc: Innovative technologies
with high commercial value
GrantOpen Call
(reviewed quarterly)
GSKDiscovery Partnerships with AcademiaGrantOpen Call
RRDM NetworkRare Disease ConnectionsGrantOpen Call
Rare Disease FdnRare Disease MicrograntGrantJan/April/July/Oct
NSERCGeneral NSERC DeadlinesVariousVarious
NSERCAlliance GrantGrant Open Call
NSERCIdea to InnovationGrantJan/April/June/Sept
GenentechScientific Project SupportGrantOpen Call
Génome CanadaGenomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)
Precision Health Initiative – Rare Diseases
Clinical Implementation Projects
GAPP: Aug 10, 2020
Acceleration Innovation, Impact, Invest, FSISS
Innovative health technologies that benefit Qc
TransmedtechMedical technologies – neuromusculoskeletal disordersGrantOpen call
Max Bell FoundationProject or Development Grants – health & WellnessGrantOpen call

Salary Awards (Faculty)

funding agencytitleloi deadlineapplication deadline
FRQSResearch Scholars – Junior 1, Junior 2, SeniorAug 24, 2020Oct 1, 2020
FRQSClinical Research Scholars – Junior 1, Junior 2 and SeniorAug 24, 2020Oct 1, 2020
FRQSDistinguished Research ScholarsAug 24, 2020Oct 1, 2020

Salary Awards (Trainees)

funding agencytitletypeapplication
CIHRHealth System Impact FellowshipPhD/PDFTBC
CAAIFCAAIF/Aralez Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. Research Grant in Allergic RhinitisVariousSept 24, 2020
CIHRFellowship: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program
PDFOct 1, 2020
FRQSDoctoral TrainingPhDOct 15, 2020
FRQSDoctoral Training for:
Applicants with a Professional Degree
& Medical Students
MD/PhDOct 15, 2020
FRQSMaster’s TrainingMScOct 15, 2020
FRQSMaster’s Training for:
Applicants with a Professional Degree
& Medical Students
MD/MScOct 15, 2020
FRQSPostdoctoral Training for:
Canadian citizens and permanent residents
& Citizens of other countries
PDFOct 15, 2020
FRQSProfessional Postgraduate Training in Research (Fellowship)MDOct 15, 2020
NSERCPostdoctoral Fellowships ProgramPDFOct 17, 2020
CIHRCanada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program:
Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Awards
PhDOct 17, 2020
CIHRDoctoral Research Award :
Doctoral Foreign Study Award (DFSA): 2020-2021
PhDOct 19, 2020
FRQSBourse Tremplin – Stage en milieu de pratique3e cycleNov 2, 2020
Tri-AgencyDoctoral Research Award : Vanier Canada Graduate ScholarshipsPhDNov 3, 2020
CIHRDoctoral Research Award:
Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Award
PhDNov 23, 2020
FRQSDIALOGUE – Volet Bourses
le développement de projets en communication scientifique auprès du grand public
PhD/PDFLOI: Oct 7, 2020
App: Dec 1, 2020
CIHRCanada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s ProgramMScDec 1, 2020
CIHRCIHR Fellowship 2020-2021
– numerous Priority Announcements available
PDFDec 1, 2020
CF FoundationPostdoctoral Research Fellowship AwardPDFDec 7, 2020
CF FoundationCF Foundation Student Traineeship AwardDec 31, 2020
BWFCareer Awards at the Scientific Interface
PDF transitioning to faculty position
PDFLOI: Sept 1, 2020
App: Jan 8, 2021
Horizon 2020Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (RESPIRE)
Note: The RI-MUHC (Meakins-Christie Laboratories) is listed as a host institution
to accept international fellows
PDFMay 1, 2021
CIHRCanada Grad Scholarship – Michael Smith SuppGradJune & Oct
RSR-FRQSShort research internship in another universityGradOpen call
European Research SocietyShort-Term Research Fellowship
1-3 months at any institute in Europe or abroad
PDFApr 1/Oct 1 yearly
Boehringer Ingelheim FondsPhD fellowship in EuropePhDFeb 1/June 1/Oct 1
Manage a long-term collaborative research project with a company or not-for-profit
PDFLOI: June 19, 2019
App: July 17, 2019
MitacsAccelerate FellowshipMSc & PhDOpen call
MitacsAccelerate Industrial PostdocPDFOpen Call
(Jan deadline)
MitacsGlobalink Partnership Award (Industry)GradOpen call
MitacsGlobalink Research AwardGrad & PDFJan/May/Sept
CF FoundationStudent Traineeship GrantVariousOpen call
Dec 31 yearly
NSERCNSERC Undergraduate, Graduate and PDF Programs
Doctoral Program: October 1, 2020
Fulbright CanadaAwards for American ScholarsVariousVarious
Eur Resp SocietyERS Fellowships
Short-Term Research (April 1 and Oct 1 – yearly)
Long-Term Research (January)
McGill CaPSVarious Scholarships and AwardsVariousVarious
Gov’t of CanadaGovernment of Canada Education Funding
Scholarship Info
McGillFaculty of Med Internal StudentshipMSc & PhDApr/May – yearly
McGillFaculty of Med PDF FellowshipsPDFApr/May – yearly
McGillTomlinson Doctoral FellowshipPhDJune – yearly
McGillPBEEE/QC Merit Scholarships for Foreign StudentsGradJune – yearly
MeakinsCollaborative Research AwardsVariousJanuary – yearly
MeakinsSummer StudentshipsUndergradyearly – Spring

Travel Awards (Trainees)

funding agencytitletypedeadline
CF FoundationTravel Award SupplementVariousDec 31, 2020
Burroughs Wellcome FundCollaborative Research Travel GrantsPDFJan/Feb yearly
McGill Exp MedDr. Price Memorial Travel Award & GREAT AwardMSc & PhDFeb 28 / June 30 / Oct 31
McGillGraduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards (GREAT Awards)GradSet by faculty
AllerGenTravel AwardsVarious4 weeks prior to travel
AllerGenInternational Trainee Research VisitGrad/PDF/FellowApr 30/ June 15/ July 30
AllerGenResearch Skills AwardVarious4 weeks prior to travel
AllerGenFunding and Training AwardsVariousVarious
MitacsGlobalink Res Award Travel from CAVariousVarious
MitacsGlobalink Res Award Travel to CA
Update: some awards cancelled due to COVID-19
The Company of BiologistsTravelling FellowshipsMSc/PhD/PDFFeb 28/May 31/Aug 31/Nov 30
Canadian Cancer SocietyCCS Travel AwardsPhD/PDFJan 15/ May 15/Sept 15
McGillFaculty of Med Graduate Mobility AwardGraduateopen call
Ireland Canada
University Foundation
Flaherty Research Scholarship
4-6 week support for Ireland-Canada travel
Trainee and PIClosed for 2020
McGill Various Travel Programs for McGill StudentsVariousVarious
MeakinsTravel AwardsGrad & PDF3 weeks prior to travel

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