Seymour Heisler Memorial Lectures

NEW LOGO MEAKINS_squareThe Seymour Heisler Memorial Lecture was established in 2015 to commemorate the late Dr. Seymour Heisler and celebrate his life, his tremendous scientific achievements and his preeminent role in cystic fibrosis research. This lecture fund supports creativity and continued innovation by inviting distinguished physicians and scientists to visit McGill and its teaching institutions and share their wisdom and insights. The Seymour Heisler Memorial Lecture features an accomplished scientist in an area related to cystic fibrosis.

The Seymour Heisler Memorial Lecture is held in honour of Dr. Seymour Heisler (1943-1992). In 1990, Dr. Heisler returned to McGill, joining the Department of Medicine and the Divisions of Respiratory and Gastroenterology. He served as a faculty member at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories with a major commitment to the biochemistry and physiology of the secretory abnormalities underlying the devastating illness, cystic fibrosis. His serious dedication to research was leavened by a keen and dry sense of humor that characterized both his scientific collaborations and personal friendships.

Seymour Heisler Memorial Lecture (2019)
David Guttman
University of Cincinnati
Title TBA

paul_kubes-100x85Seymour Heisler Memorial Lecture (2016)
Paul Kubes
University of Calgary

Recruitment and plasticity of monocytes/ macrophages in tissue repair


  3rd annual seymour heisler lecturer at the meakins christie laboratories: Dr. David GuttmanSeymour Heisler Memorial Lecture (2017)
David Guttman
University of Toronto
Pathogen evolution within the cystic fibrosis lung

Seymour Heisler dave-thomas_100x85.jpgMemorial Lecture (2015)
David Thomas
McGill University
Correctors of protein trafficking diseases