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Emergency ventilator dubbed the vermontilator developed by researcherches including Jason Bates, a Meakins-Christie Alumnus

Ventilator dubbed ‘Vermontilator’ co-developed by Meakins Alumnus

Read more about the “Vermontilator”, and watch the interview with Jason Bates, a lung expert at the UVM Larner College of Medicine.

The Vermontilator would never be used in situations where you have a commercial ventilator. We’re looking at the situation where there are patients dying without available ventilators for them and this would be their lifesaving measure

– Jason Bates

Jason Bates is a Meakins-Christie alumnus. He was a post-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Joseph Milic-Emili at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories from 1983-1986. Then he was a Meakins-Christie Laboratories research director between 1986-1999.