Weekly Faculty Meetings

2020-2021 Weekly Faculty Meetings

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During these weekly meetings, Meakins, RECRU, and RESP Program Faculty present their grant proposals, research progress and manuscripts. A joint Journal Club will take place once per month.
Time:  Fridays at 12:00 PM unless otherwise advertised
Location: Zoom

Friday September 11, 2020CIHR Grant Presentation – James Martin
Influenza in Pregnancy
Friday September 18, 2020RESP Journal Club
Friday September 25, 2020CIHR Grant Presentation – Gregory Fonseca
Using transcription factor binding networks to study fibrosis in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Friday October 2, 2020No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday October 9, 2020No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday October 16, 2020RESP Journal Club
Friday October 23, 2020Arnold Kristof
Life Before Covid
Friday October 30, 2020Dao Nguyen
Life Before Covid – Part 2
Friday November 6, 2020Maziar Divangahi
How to model the pathogenesis of COVID-19?
Friday November 13, 2020Elizabeth Fixman
STAT6-IP activity in the lung: What’s in a name? Part 2
Friday November 20, 2020RESP Journal Club
Friday November 27, 2020No Meeting
Friday December 4, 2020No Meeting
Friday December 11, 2020RESP Journal Club
Friday, December 18, 2020Jun Ding
Reconstructing SARS-CoV-2 response signaling and regulatory network
Friday January 8, 2021Bruce Mazer
How to stay sane while navigating the pandemic by studying population health and immunity?
Friday January 15, 2021No Meeting
Friday January 22, 2021Basil Petrof
Life after COVID (what else): Effects on skeletal muscle
Friday January 29, 2021RESP Journal Club
Friday February 5, 2021Anne-Marie Lauzon
CD4+T Cells, Alarmins and Human Airway Smooth Muscle Function in Asthma: The CIHR (Olympic) games.
Friday February 12, 2021RESP Journal Club
Friday February 19, 2021Benjamin Smith
Airway trees in the Anthropocene
Friday February 26, 2021James Martin
IL-33 and chlorine induced airway injury
Friday March 5, 2021No Meeting – McGill Study Break
Friday March 12, 2021Do Nguyen – CIHR Grant Presentation
Understanding and targeting a novel mechanism of multidrug antibiotic tolerance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Friday March 19, 2021RESP Journal Club
Friday March 26, 2021Cancelled
Friday April 2, 2021No Meeting – Easter
Friday April 9, 2021Salman Qureshi
Gene-hunting: the tale of opportunistic fungal pneumonia due to cryptococcus neoformans
Friday April 16, 2021RESP Journal Club
Friday April 23, 2021Irah King
Microbiome Centre pitch to the MUHC Foundation
Friday April 30, 2021Sabah Hussain
MYTHO: a novel regulator of skeletal muscle mass and autophagy
Friday May 7, 2021Carolyn Baglole
JUULing is the new vaping
Friday May 14, 2021ATS 2021 (RESP Journal Club TBC)
Friday May 21, 2021Charles St. Pierre, Astra Zeneca
– Review AstraZeneca’s pipeline in respiratory medicine
– Review the ‘Externally Sponsored Research’ scientific platform
– Discuss on key areas of interest in respiratory medicine
– Identify potential areas of research collaboration
Friday June 11, 2021RESP Journal Club