Weekly Faculty Meetings

2021-2022 Weekly Faculty Meetings
During these weekly meetings, Meakins, RECRU, and RESP Program Faculty present their grant proposals, research progress and manuscripts. A joint Journal Club will take place once per month.
Time:  Fridays at 12:00 PM unless otherwise advertised
Location: Zoom

Friday August 20, 2021Benjamin Smith NIH Grant Presentation
Title: Airway trees in the Anthropocene: a study to define resilient and susceptible airway trees and the pivotal biologic pathways driving mortality.
Friday August 27, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 3, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 10, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 17, 2021Simon Rousseau
Title: Looking for molecular regulators of Cystic Fibrosis pulmonary exacerbations: implementing a systems biology approach.
Friday September 24, 2021Journal Club
Friday October 1, 2021Arnold Kristof
Title: My CIHR Grant and Pre-Clinical Research.
Friday October 8, 2021Basil Petrof
Title: Macrophages as a Trojan horse for gene therapy.
Friday October 15, 2021Gregory Fonseca
Title: Change and death in macrophages: My NSERC grant.
Friday October 22, 2021Journal Club
Friday October 29, 2021James Martin
Title: Chlorine, innate lymphoid cells and FoxP3 macrophages.
Friday November 5, 2021Elizabeth Fixman
Title: STAT6-IP inhibition of Type 2 innate inflammation through up regulation of inhibitory neuropeptides.
Friday November 12, 2021Bruce Mazer
Title: B-cell derived Extracellular Vesicles are regulators of Allergic Inflammation.
Friday November 19, 2021Maziar Divangahi
Title: The nuts and bolts of pulmonary macrophages.
Friday November 26, 2021Journal Club
Friday December 3, 2021Anne-Marie Lauzon
Title: Smooth muscle relaxation: a molecular mechanics view.
Friday January 14, 2022Sabah Hussain
Title:  Urolithin A: A silver bullet to improve skeletal muscle function in COPD patients. 
Friday January 21, 2022No Meeting
Friday January 28, 2022Salman Qureshi
Friday February 4, 2022Dao Nguyen
Friday February 11, 2022Carolyn Baglole
CIHR Grant Presentation
Friday February 18, 2022Journal Club
Friday February 25, 2022CIHR Grant Presentation
Friday March 4, 2022No Meeting – McGill Study Break
Friday March 11, 2022Irah King
Friday March 18, 2022Journal Club
Friday March 25, 2022Carolyn Baglole
Friday April 1, 2022Journal Club
Friday April 8, 2022No Meeting – Canadian Respiratory Conference
Friday April 15, 2022No Meeting – Easter
Friday April 22, 2022Christine McCusker
Friday April 29, 2022Larry Lands
Friday May 6, 2022Journal Club
Friday May 13, 2022No Meeting – ATS
Friday May 20, 2022No Meeting – ATS