A weekly work-in-progress provides trainees with the opportunity to present their research results, develop communication skills, and receive feedback from colleagues.

WIP Guidelines
2019-2020 Schedule – Date and Time: Fridays 9am-10am
Room: EM1.3509 Classroom unless otherwise advertised

Regulation of the Akt pathway by AhR in mouse lung fibroblasts
September 13, 2019Orientation
September 20, 2019Dr. Ronald OlivensteinRespiratory Teaching Session – Chronic Airway Diseases
September 27, 2019Noof AloufiGrad PhDCarolyn BagloleHuman antigen R in the lungs: Friend or foe?
October 4, 2019Haya Al DossaryGrad PhDElizabeth Fixman /
Brian Ward
Therapeutic targeting of dendritic cells to reduce induction of allergic airways disease
by allergen or respiratory syncytial virus infection
October 11, 2019Motahareh
Grad MScQuatayba Hamid /
Ben Smith
Native airway tree structure and chronic obstructive lung disease
October 18, 2019 Rui Sun Grad PhDJames MartinThe trafficking of CD4+ T cells to airway smooth muscle and its significance in asthma
October 25, 2019Amanda BiancoGrad MScAnne-Marie LauzonMeasuring Muscle Mechanics in Tissue Culture One Force Clamp at a Time
November 1, 2019Marilena GentileGrad PhDIrah KingUnderstanding the role of Natural Killer cells during intestinal helminth infection
November 8, 2019 Nicholas VonniessenGrad MScBruce MazerEvaluating the Response of Regulatory B cells in Patients with Severe Asthma
November 15, 2019Orsolya LapohosGrad MScMaziar DivangahiRegulatory mechanisms of eicosanoids in hematopoietic stem cell-
mediated trained immunity
November 22, 2019Dr. Salman QureshiRespiratory Teaching Session –
Pulmonary Infections
November 29, 2019 Kim TranGrad MScMaziar DivangahiThe cross-protection of BCG vaccination in influenza infection:
Trained adaptive immunity
December 6, 2019 Megan HammellGrad MScAnne-Marie LauzonInvestigating the Mechanics of Smooth Muscle Myosin
Using a Laser Trap
December 13, 2019Joyce JangGradMScJames MartinThe Induction of Hyper-reactive CD4+ T cells by
Smooth Muscle Cells
December 20, 2019NO WIP: HAPPY HOLIDAYS
January 10, 2020TBARespiratory Teaching Session –
How we breathe and how it goes wrong
January 17, 2020Adamo DonovanGrad PhDBen SmithDiaphragm morphology in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
January 24, 2020Kelly KwongGrad PhDDao NguyenPseudomonas aeruginosa evasion of neutrophil antibacterial functions in early cystic fibrosis lung infection
January 31, 2020Eva KaufmannPost DocMaziar DivangahiThe Call of the Wild:
The translational potential of BCG-iv vaccination
February 7, 2020Fatemeh OstadanGrad PhDBasil PetrofThe Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction
in Cystic Fibrosis
February 14, 2020Dr. Gregory FonsecaRespiratory Teaching Session: There and Back Again, an RNA’s Tale
February 21, 2020 Mira Abou Rjeili Grad PhD Jean Bourbeau /
Carolyn Baglole
Personalizing the approach for the diagnosis of patients with concomitant
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Heart Failure (HF)

NEW TIME: 9:30am
February 28, 2020NO WIP
March 6, 2020NO WIP: McGill Study Break
March 13, 2020Fangyi ShiGrad MScCarolyn BagloleRegulation of the Akt pathway by AhR in mouse lung fibroblasts
March 20, 2020Felipe BroeringGrad MScSabah HussainCANCELLED
March 27, 2020Hussein TraboulsiPost DocCarolyn Baglole /
Ben Smith
April 3, 2020Danielle AtarPost DocIrah KingCANCELLED
April 10, 2020NO WIP: Easter
April 17, 2020Nargis KhanPost DocMaziar DivangahiCANCELLED
April 24, 2020Hualin ZhangGrad PhDIrah KingCANCELLED
May 1, 2020Poster Rehearsal (ATS, Research Day, Conference)
May 8, 2020Vanessa MoarbesGrad PhDElizabeth FixmanCANCELLED
May 15, 2020NO WIP – ATS Meeting May 15-20, Philadelphia, PA
May 22, 2020NO WIP – ATS Meeting May 15-20, Philadelphia, PA
May 29, 2020Qian LiGrad PhDBasil PetrofCANCELLED
June 5, 2020Fatima HubaishiGrad MScElizabeth Fixman /
Brian Ward
June 12, 2020Kosuke MakitaPost DocJames MartinCANCELLED