2020-2021 Schedule
Mondays 9am-10am by zoom

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A weekly work-in-progress provides trainees with the opportunity to present their research results, develop communication skills, and receive feedback from colleagues.

Tuesday September 8, 2020Orientation for new staff and trainees
Monday September 21, 2020Felipe BroeringGrad MScSabah Hussain
Monday September 28, 2020MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday October 5, 2020Danielle AtarPost DocIrah King
Monday October 12, 2020NO WIP – THANSKGIVING
Monday October 19, 2020 Fangyi ShiGrad MScCarolyn Baglole
Monday October 26, 2020MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday November 2, 2020Hussein TraboulsiPost DocCarolyn Baglole / Ben Smith
Monday November 9, 2020Kosuke MakitaPost DocJames Martin
Monday November 16, 2020Vanessa MoarbesGrad PhDElizabeth Fixman
Monday November 23, 2020Hualin ZhangGrad PhDIrah King
Monday November 30, 2020MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday December 7, 2020Nargis KhanPost DocMaziar Divangahi
Monday December 14, 2020Qian LiGrad PhDBasil Petrof
Monday January 11, 2021Arash RadGrad MScStewart Gottfried
Monday January 18, 2021Fatima HubaishiGrad MScElizabeth Fixman
Monday January 25, 2021MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday February 1, 2021Shabnam Abbaszadeh AhranjaniGrad MScJean Bourbeau
Monday February 8, 2021Aeshah AlluliGrad MScCarolyn BagloleRI-MUHC STAT DAY
Monday February 15, 2021Gabriel RussellGrad MScIrah King
Monday February 22, 2021MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday March 1, 2021NO WIP – SPRING BREAK!
Monday March 8, 2021Rami KarkoutGrad MScElizabeth Fixman
Monday March 15, 2021Matthew PreterotiGrad MScCarolyn Baglole
Monday March 22, 2021Mina SadeghiGrad MScMaziar Divangahi
Monday March 29, 2021MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday April 5, 2021NO WIP – EASTER
Monday April 12, 2021Karim MaletPost DocDao Nguyen
Monday April 19, 2021Pranjal SethGrad MScAnne-Marie Lauzon
Monday April 26, 2021MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday May 3, 2021Bavanitha ThurairajahGrad MScIrah King
Monday May 10, 2021Aurélie Tréfier (Trindade)Post DocArnold Kristof
Monday May 17, 2021TBD
Monday May 24, 2021NO WIP – ATS Meeting May 14-19
Monday May 31, 2021MEAKINS SEMINAR
Monday June 7, 2021Dora XiongGrad MScAnne-Marie Lauzon
Monday June 14, 2021Noelia Azalde GarciaGrad MScElizabeth Fixman
Monday June 21, 2021Camille AudoussetPost DocJames Martin